About us

Our vision

It is our vision to support vulnerable children in such a way that they learn how to build towards a hopeful future for themselves. We work from a christian identity. To us that means that every child deserves unconditional love and should be helped to be able to meet all their basic needs. We emphasis the importance of valuable relationships, through which children learn to have a healthy perspective on themselves and others. So that they can find their place in society.



Chris & Leonore Blake

Chairman en coördinator

Matthijs van Gijssel


Lars & Anne Wolfswinkel



Empowerment instead of enslavement
Creating space for healthy development is central. Children are resilient by nature and eager to learn. By creating space for development on a physical-, emotional- and educational level, we lay a foundation for a hopeful future for every child. Practically this means, we’re not just handing out things as give-aways to meet the need. In our different projects we intend to provide guidance and tools that stimulate healthy development and self-sufficiency in the long run.
Child within the community
The solution for vulnerable is found within their own culture. A child grows up within his/her own culture and it’s own subculture or community.  We don’t merely look at the child, but also at the context of the child. So that in this process they will be safe to find their own place in society.
Provide basic needs
Vulnerable children are those who are threatened in their basic needs. This can be caused by various factors, such as; poverty, an unsafe environment, social threat, no access to proper education,  healthy food/clean drinking water. Through different projects we aim to provide these basic needs in such a way that the participation of the child and many times their caregivers is needed to enable a succesful outcome.

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