Rehabilitation House

in Goma


Children who live on the streets in Goma.


Helping streetchildren to leave the streetlife behind, in order to (re)take a valuable place of dignity in society.

Our approach

Our hands on approach consists of two projects:
– A food program: four times a week about fifty children gather to receive a nutritious meal amongst others.
– The Tumaini center which is a rehabilitation home for streetchildren. The center was launched on the 11th of January 2021. This is the home of fifteen former streetchildren.


Tumaini Center is a temporary home for “street”children, or better said the moment they enter the house the word “street” no longer fits them and they become normal children again.

We mentor them into a rehabilitation phase. This is a home of new opportunities. It’s a place for: reflection, trauma-processing, building valuable relationships, setting new future goals. After going through their rehabilitation we will find a place in society together with them. We do all this to empower these children to build a life of dignity and value.

We run this project with our partner organization: Un Jour Nouveau a.k.a. Africa New Day


We are passionate about helpingĀ  at risk children. Through various problems in Eastern-Congo children end up living on the streets. Think of fleeing from conflicts caused by various armed groups (rebelgroups). A broken or dysfunctional family is also often a reason for children to start living on the streets. When a man leaves his family the mother ends up taking care of the children by herself. After some time she may find another man who is unwilling to also provide or take care of her children. Situations of physical and emotional abuse, which force children to start living on the street. They hope for a better existence there

It’s difficult to truly estimate but there are more than a thousand streetchildren in Goma alone.

Our mission is to change precious lives…