Primary School

of Hope


Children who live in vulnerable circumstances which endanger their primary education.


Empowering children by making quality primary school education available.

Our Approach

Quality primary school education is absolutely necessary for a healthy development of a child. Besides quality education there is also a food program which provides a nutritious porridge a few times per week, of course those are the favorite schooldays! Through fundraising for the teachers’s salaries we are able to provide quality education. A class may vary from anywhere between 30 to 60 children per classroom. So by providing for one teacher we impact a big number of little lives, not forgetting the job security for the teacher!


Hope and Future’s vision is to help at risk children. Education is THE key that can break the vicious cycle of poverty. Our partner organization NCE (Nouvelle Communaute de L’Esperance) founded the primary school of Hope  in 2016. It was a humble beginning with three wooden classrooms. The school is situated in Mugunga, a community about 15 kilometers from the center of Goma. In 2015 Muginga was one big refugee camp. Many people who live there are former refugees who’ve had to build their existence from scratch. Free education is a huge help for the families living there. The school is still building and growing every year. There are 350+ happy eager to learn students on this school and the number grows per year. Most of them would not be able to enjoy primary education where it not for this opportunity.

Going to school in Congo

Playtime at school

Our mission is to change precious lives…