Esther Project


Mothers, fathers or youth of families  who find themselves in the grip of poverty.


Empowering the beneficiaries to take on the role of provider/contributor within the family. This will restore dignity and value to the person and family.

Our approach

The Esther Project runs trainings of seven months with a pause of 1-2 months in between to prepare for the next training.  The students learn to draw patterns and to shew. There are two Congolese teachers who teach the students. Anne assists them with the running of the training and when there are exams.  There is also a small business which is setup. Anne designs bags and other products. She teaches alumni of the project how to make these products. These are sold in Goma, the Netherlands and the United States.  Profits of these sales benefit the women who make these products and are also invested back into the project.  The Esther Project building in Mugunga is a great example which was financed for 80% through this.


In Congo the unemployment rate is at least 70%! Besides the material consequences, poverty has a great impact on people’s psychology. It’s basically humiliating to live beneath the poverty-limit.  Through teaching people skills to make a trade, they are able to generate an income. That’s fighting poverty on a micro-level! We see how everyday live of families changes dramatically through this. Mothers gain confidence through growing their skills, husbands are proud of their wives and children can go back to school.

Our mission is to change precious lives…